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Blood Infection Causes


How Hepatitis C Spreads

Myths and Facts About Hepatitis C Transmission Just remember another form of hepatitis is spread by not washing hands!

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Think Sepsis. Time Matters.

Sepsis is a complication caused by the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to infection, which can cause organ failure and death. It is a medical emergency. Learn the signs of severe infection and sepsis to protect you and your family.

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Natural Home Remedies to Cure Abscess Tooth

Method – 1: (Garlic) Garlic has a natural anti-bacterial property that prevents the bacterial infection. It also contains sulfuric compounds like allicin that fights against the infection causing germs and reduces pain and irritation.


Patty Duke

Patty Duke - (1946-2016) born Anna Marie Duke. Stage, Broadway, film, TV actress and author. Began career as a child star on a soap opera in 1950's. Won the Oscar at age 16. Had her own TV show as a teen. Bipolar and has become an educator and advocate of mental health issues. Cause of death: sepsis from a ruptured intestine at 69.


[INFOGRAPHIC] Endotoxemia is a serious condition resulting from the presence of endotoxin in a horse's blood. It has several causes, ranging from retained fetal membranes after foaling to colic to skin infections. No matter the origin, endotoxemia can lead to shock, laminitis, and even death. Learn more in our step-by-step visual guide, brought to you by and Plasvacc USA! #horses #horsehealth #endotoxemia


Sepsis: a severe illness, caused by a bacterial infection, that causes the bloodstream to be overwhelmed by bacteria. The infection can begin anywhere though in infants it is common in the bone and in hospitalized patients it is common in surgical wounds. Symptoms include dropped blood pressure leading to shock, malfunctioning of major organs, fever, rapid heart beat, etc. It is usually diagnosed with a blood test. Sepsis can be treated through antibiotics.


Poisonous Blood/Tainted Blood: The user has poisons in their blood which the user can use against their opponent or when threatened. They can choose to release their poisonous blood when physically cutting themselves to ooze of their blood. If someone where to touch via skin contact or inhale the smell of this blood, the person will severely damage their internal organs and literally causes skin to be infected.