Reading a blood test can be confusing. Here's a helpful infographic developed by that describes a typical blood test and what it’s results might mean for your horse. #horsehealth #infographic

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CBC I am not a medical professional, but I survived cancer and need to keep a close eye on health. When blood comes out of my own body, I believe I should know how to read test results, understand values, and be prepared to ask questions! (BTW I don't mean self diagnosis thru the internet!)

Learn what a CBC blood test is and what the results mean, along with other common blood tests.

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1. What does blood pressure mean? 2. What is systolic blood pressure? 3. What is normal blood pressure range Test your knowledge with the blood pressure quiz here ➡

Checking Your Own INR - Anticoagulation Home Blood Testing Machines And INR Monitoring for Coumadin (Warfarin) Users

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