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He held the cigarette in his bloodied knuckles wrapped in bandages. A shaky sigh wracked through his body, making his shoulders tremble. It shouldn't be like this, he thought, trying to do anything to take his mind off the current situation at hand.


Contamination imagery signifies guiltiness in Macbeth. As Lady Macbeth deteriorates, she begins to dream of her bloody hands. She states, “all of the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten” her “little hand” (V, I, 42-3). The term “caught red-handed” is used when someone is found in the act of a deplorable action. This term references the idea of a murderer found with blood on their hands; a symbol of incontrovertible guiltiness. Shakespeare utilizes this symbol through his imagery of…


Blood< why does it have to look so pretty when it's blood pouring into water? That's like against the rules

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"Its not been the best day for me to say the least" I groan and wipe some blood off my nose and lights a cigarette. -Luca