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"Out of the Blue" Care Package Sent these to my kids at college. Items included: BLUE THINGS! :) Doritos, Chips Ahoy, Pringles, Fiddle Faddle, Jolly Ranchers, Trail Mix, Zots, Microwave Popcorn, Rice Krispie Treat, Airheads, Skittles, Frosted Animal Crakers, Oreo Minis, Rice Crackers, Nestle Crunch, Eclipse Gum, Mac & Cheese, Mentos, Cashews & Life Savors. I spray painted the boxes, added lettering to the inside flaps and little birds on the outside of the boxes. So much fun! :)


This is a take on the "Orange" gift that I saw on Pinterest a few months ago. I made this for my Secret Sister. "Don't be BLUE, today's all about YOU!" In it I included a box of Mike & Ikes, Doritos Ranch, a bar of Dove chocolate, peanuts, a can of Pepsi and a box of berry blue Jello. She loved it ... by the way, I also made an "orange" gift for her.


Colorful gift basket ideas

I love giving presents. If I needed a back up job I would totally put together fun gift baskets! And Since I love color too….Let’s combine the two! Fun themed gift baskets for all occasions!  A cherry on top source ORANGE you glad  source source source source SUNSHINE basket source source source source source So …