Blue Hair Highlights

Black to teal green & blue ombre hair color with highlight~ new hair dye choice of turquoise

Galactic Hair Turquoise, blue purple ombre hair. Guy Tang.

Blue turquoise green highlights Can someone PLEASE do this to my hair??

Black and blue hair

Blue Highlighted Long Black Wavy Hairstyle

Gray hair is the hot new trend! Love the blue highlights. This look can be achieved with our "Silver: and "Atlantic Blue" custom colors

Hey April, I think this is sort of a basis of the colors I want my hair to be when we do that bottom layer. Like the purple is good, with another shade of it but darker. Then of the blue, but again, a different shade. And that green, plus a way darker shade. I really want the colors to pop, so I assume besides the highlights(we don't have to highlight the bottom layer) we make the bottom layer an almost white blonde, then a follow up appt to do the colors. Make sense? I'll explain it more in person:)

Rainbow Hair Color Ideas | POPSUGAR Beauty. Dark red hair with blue highlights.

Blue highlights. I kinda want to color my hair with color like this but im too afraid!!!

grey hair with blue highlights. I think the grey is sooo cool O:

Amazing purple hair color with blue & green highlight~ try it with 613A DIY dye hair extensions and keep it longer


violet highlights in brown hair | Purple pink green blue highlights in brown hair | Hairstyles

Ugh, if I could afford to keep this up, my hair would look like this. I love the blue highlights, too.

blue wavy long hairstyles with 613a white blonde hair extensions

Light Purple, pink & blue ombre hair color with highligh, nice purple hair dye choice

black hair with purple and blue highlights

Great Blue Hairstyle

ooooh pretty, green with blue highlights haha

~ I'm getting this color (Lavender) hair with dark blue highlights! Can't wait!! ~

Bright Hair Colours - Celebrities With Rainbow Hair Dye - celebrity hair and hairstyles ( UK)

Foiled highlights with bleach 3 times, 30-45 minutes each while applying heat. Left in blue hair dye for 2-3 hours with heat.

I think this is the one. but add Purple in with the blue too

would love to try this (purple or red not blue) ... dunno if I would suit the short hair tho .. hmm