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Blue Hair Streaks

All I would have to do is strip the dye from my hair and streak it with a greyish blue since I already have the white!!

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Mermaids when on land in human form have blue hair or blue streaks in hair that they have dyed. So if a Mermaid/man dyes his/her hair black then blue streaks will always be present.

Black hair with blue streaks. I always wanted blue streaks but I missed out in my teenage years. I don't think work would appreciate it now =p

#mermaid #blue #hair loving blue streaks right now...take it from me, don't put it in before working out!!!!! Lol

Manic Panic hair dye color chart-first im gonna do streaks of ultra violet and hot hot pink, then for DC im gonna do electric banana electric lizard and atomic turquoise

  • Äübrëÿ Krümnöw

    I think bad boy blue would be cool or maybe midnight blues

  • Shatha Froukh

    Try to cont sheep it helps u fall asleep

  • Shatha Froukh

    Hahahahah i gottchuuu dont worry lool wallah me too mastoolh wa 3ndii work from 8 am im actually thinking about sleeping in half an hour and its only 8:50 pm lool Dema Jalal

  • Dema Jalal

    Hhhhhh shock panic kolo beser am trying to sleep and I cant that's why am mstooolh Shatha Froukh

  • Shatha Froukh

    Hahaha i like infra red :)) and theres is no fushia panic bas fe fushia shock Dema Jalal

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Pinning this just 'cos it reminded me of the purple hair i had when i was 21 years. Lol. Purple and blue streaks

Turquoise and Purple on Blonde

this multi colerd hair will blow peoples minds

I'm trying to achieve this but backwards and mostly by accident. I'm thinking of using a brass banisher treatment to combat the copper streaks of blond that are shining through my fading blue black. I really don't want to bleach my hair until the black grows out, so for now I'll just have semi natural highlights poking through.

selena gomez blue hair streaks

Blue streaks underneath, I've been trying to figure out a way to sport blue hair at work... This may be the ticket!

Google Image Result for www.haircolorside...

Check out the different models' hair colors, just incredible, maybe I should do this instead of my streak of cobalt blue!

Blue hair streak Butterfly (Thestius sp.)

If I get some hair chalk, D'you think I could pull off blue tints/streaks?

Foiled highlights with bleach 3 times, 30-45 minutes each while applying heat. Left in blue hair dye for 2-3 hours with heat.

  • Corinne Stouder

    You can get the same effect with lightener once..maybe twice...but the third for most hair will be fried...and then you get rid of the ugly colors you might pull like orange..and for the keep it on for idk say 20-40 minutes depending on the manufacturers directions...because once that 20-40 minutes is up the color will stop developing it wont color you hair anymore or stay longer or anything

Blue and purple hair

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Blue Hair always wanted to do something exotic like this. Just to blow everyones mind :)

Hair by Megan at Voila' :-) blue and purple streak with black base

turquoise hair streak. I want this but purple or pink

  • Ben M

    Hey! So i was wondering if you could follow me and maybe like a couple pics. I post hair stuff , youtube stuff, and baking stuff. (so far). Follow me?

Blue hair streaks at Herve Leger fall 2014

dark purple hair. pretty. Rachel should show this to her friend who currently has blue hair streaks...Diana would love her hair like this. I don't know why she hasn't just dyed all her hair blue yet, she loves how the blue looks in her hair...

colorful streaks, either with a color like Goldwell's ELUMEN or simple pinned in wefts, are a fun alternative to color for spring

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