Blue Moon Ice Cream from this is exactly like the blue moon ice cream that can be found in northern michigan at kilwins. Its also the same that i used to have in the summers as a kid in the 70's. there isn't any pineapple or alcohol in this!!

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Blue Moon Ice Cream Recipe - another brand says lemon and raspberry flavors are included, so I'm not certain on this recipe... but pinning it anyway!!

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Blue Moon Ice Cream _ is a mystery wrapped in an enigma and covered in blue food coloring. There's no consensus on what exactly the flavor is other than sweet and good, and I suspect different creameries throughout the Midwest have their own special formulas

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Some say that this flavor is blue raspberry, others say it’s lemon, or almond, or pineapple or bubblegum… Mine is Pineapple and ...

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Blue moon ice cream recipe. Blue moon ice cream was invented in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1950. Can only get in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.

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Unless you're from the Midwest like me, you probably have never heard of Blue Moon as ice cream before. This actually has nothing to do with the beer, although I have to imagine they would both tas...

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Blue Moon Ice Cream- the best flavor in the world!!! Hope this recipe is awesome :)

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