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And remember this: Medicare only uses @ 4% to administer health care while the rest goes to real health care. Some insurance companies spend from 30-50% in administrative/overhead costs alone!!!!

from Fed Up with Fatigue

More insurance companies now paying for FM/a fibromyalgia test

Medicare and some private insurers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare and Aetna, are now paying for the FM/a fibromyalgia test on a case-by-case basis. EpicGenetics, the company that developed the test, offers free assistance to determine if your insurance will cover the test.


For all the hard working people just trying to take care of yourselves and your families so you don't become a BURDEN to SOCIETY...Obama calls you all sorry excuses for Americans who cling to your religion and guns. Unless you're Muslim and then he calls you FAMILY.


'69 Chevelle this car is insane! I owned a blue 68 (same body) it was cool but not as cool as this one ! More


(Veruca) was literally crying on the phone with Blue Shield. True story. Original post here:


Salt helped Blue Shield focus on key issues and create order out of chaos with a clear and simple brand architecture and plan names that appeal to diverse audiences and set Blue Shield up for success through ongoing reform.