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Bobbin Storage Solution - 5/8 x 1/2 tubing, cut into rings and slit to make C shape. 1 foot of tubing will make around 50

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Bobbin storage. Why didn't I think of this? It's so simple, it's practically stoooopid!

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Super Easy....Made mine 2 x 4 and used 14 dowels. I cut my dowel pieces to 3 inches each. ( I could have used another 4 dowels)

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BOBBIN STORAGE: Do you need a way to easily store your growing stash of bobbins? This tip came from Carrie Dugan, from the Texas Machine Quilting Store. Simply use a clean ice cube tray. Each cubbi…

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The pegs on my thread rack are not tall enough to hold a large spool of thread and a bobbin on top of it. So, I use the smaller plastic drinking straws to lengthen the peg. I cut a piece of the straw 3″ long. It fits nicely over the wooden peg, but it is still small enough to go through the thread spool and the bobbin (it must be the smaller straws)

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