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What Does the Bobo Doll Experiment Reveal About Kids and Aggression?

Quality article about the Bobo Doll Experiment and the historic findings and implications it produced!

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What Does the Bobo Doll Experiment Reveal About Kids and Aggression?

SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY (BANDURA"S BOBO DOLL EXPERIMENT) developed by Albert Bandura, the Social Learning Theory says that people learn from whats happening around them, especially kids. In the experiment, there were a couple independent variables and one dependent variable. The adult and child's gender, and the aggressiveness of the adult were controlled and tested to see the child's reaction and later use of the bobo doll. An example of this is when a baby of ducks marching behind a mother.

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What Were Albert Bandura's Contributions to the Field of Psychology?

Albert Bandura is best known for his famous "Bobo Doll" experiment, but is also noted for his social learning theory and concept of self-efficacy.

Albert Bandura's Bobo Doll experiment helped show that children exposed to violence are more likely to express it and escalate it. this video shows that the child exposed to violence took it a step further and was more interested in the gun as a weapon.

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The Most Notorious Social Psychology Experiments Ever Performed

Social psychologists have performed many famous (and sometimes controversial) studies. Learn more about some of the most notorious experiments.: Some of These Social Psychology Experiments Might Surprise YouThe Asch Conformity ExperimentsThe Bobo Doll ExperimentThe Stanford Prison ExperimentThe Milgram ExperimentsLearn More


SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY (BANDURA'S BOBO DOLL EXPERIMENT)/ORIGIN: In his experiment, Albert Bandura showed how people can learn new behaviors by observing those of others; the little child imitated the adult's violent actions to the bobo doll. EXPLANATION: The Bobo Doll Experiment can refer to how people can influence the behaviors of others by their mere actions. EXAMPLE: Josh's parents "taught" him to yell at his friends like the adult "taught" the kids beat up Bandura's Bobo Doll.