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Another extra credit project i did for my Biology class Lyrics: This is the nervous system, it is a network of many nerve cells that together work, they carry messages fast as lightening through your whole body you don't even feel a thing Every single thought and every action every reflex and reaction is caused by interaction th...


According to an ancient teaching, traces of which may be found in many systems, old and new, a man who has attained the full development possible for man, a man in the full sense of the word, consists of four bodies. These four bodies are composed of substances which gradually become finer and finer, mutually interpenetrate one another, and form four independent organisms, standing in a definite relationship to one another but capable of independent action. ~ George Gurdjieff Quotes

Revia (#Naltrexone) is a drug to recover from alcohol or narcotic addiction. It makes body and nerve system resistant to the action of opiates and you do not feel effect.


Prescription drug abuse kills: action in 4 areas to lower abuse

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Do you ever have those moments when you feel heavy and burdened until something makes you laugh? The release of joy makes you feel light and free! Laughter is an action that benefits our bodies in many ways. It is known to decrease stress, boost the immune system, and give us a physical release. Here are 5 ways to add a little laughter to your life.