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Body Scanner App

Food Companies Using Monsanto's Products. SEARCH boycott in the app store for a bar-code scanner to see the companies using Monsanto and more. It's free!!!


@SizeStream Stream will exhibit at the @3dbodyscanning conference its new SS20 3D body scanning system with groundbreaking features, including the smallest ever footprint for a full body booth scanner (1.1 x 1.4 meters), 3D scan acquisition in 0.2 seconds, 20 sensors for total full body coverage, color data with higher resolution and higher quality. Size Stream will also announce its new Size Stream iOS Body Measurement App for 2017.

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Naked 3D Fitness Tracker

Naked is the world´s first home body scanner, it captures your 3D body model so you can visualize your body’s changes over time on the companion app. The mirror and scale combo scan your body to capture a 3-D image, which gives the system the ability

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MyFitnessPal Review – Tech + Fitness Series Part 2


Skulpt Muscle Scanner Performance System: The Skulpt Performance System is a training system unlike any other. It provides the information you need to perform better, eliminate muscle weaknesses and imbalances, and reduce the risk of injury. The scanner measures muscle quality and body fat percentage of 24 individual muscle groups using Composition Myography. The Skulpt app then converts this data into actionable fitness guidance that is tailored to each person’s unique physiology.


There are plenty of gadgets on the market which can tell you your body mass index, but SKULPT's scanner tech is different, offering detailed insights on muscle quality throughout your body, and providing fitness advice through its companion mobile app.

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Learn Which Programming Language to Choose With This Infographic

Choosing a programming language takes a lot of consideration: what do you want to do with the language, what platforms you're working with, and what salary range can you expect in the field, and more. This infographic gives you a ton of information about some of the more popular languages.

OBD Trouble Codes - OBDmax Android App - , Attention: at first run you must have Internet connection!!This is freeware application which function is decode OBDII trouble codes - OBDmax.Also that app can decode car dashboard icons and show description on each finded.In this version collected about 7000 generic and 3000 vendor error codes OBDII и and this descriptions.All codes and descriptions gave from factory service stations and guaranteed 100%.This application was…

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3D Scanner iPad App Can Now Produce Full-Body Scans

3D scanner app for iPad can now fashion full body scans for cute figurines and more