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Human Body Tissues

Learn about the tissues of the human body the interactive way with this unique graphic organizer and animated PowerPoint! $ #gettingnerdy #INB


Cells make up body tissues which make up organs which make up our organ systems. Come learn all about organ systems with the Amoeba Sisters!


week 3 ANATOMY: Diagram of Human Tissue. A tissue is made up of a group of cells that usually look similar to one another and come from the same region in a developing embryo. The group of cells that make up a tissue have physiological functions that work together in a coordinated way to support special functions. The special function of a tissue is also influenced by the kind of material that surrounds the tissue and by communication among the cells of the tissue.


"Epithelial tissue is composed of tightly connected cells arranged in one or more layers. Epithelial tissues covers the whole surface of the body (it's your skin!) as well as lining all cavities and forming glands. Epithelial tissues as many functions including protection, sensation, diffusion, secretion, absorption and excretion."


TRY SOME OF THESE NATURAL REMEDIES AND GET RID OF SWOLLEN FEET AND ANKLES IN NO TIME. Edema, or commonly known as swelling, is considered to be an accumulation of fluid in the tissuesof our body. This accumulation is caused by several reasons, high blood pressure, pregnancy and most commonly b