I don't believe in the "slimming" portion but I have researched that this clay is good for detoxing. A detox I can get on board with, not a miracle skinny wrap. "How to Make a Detoxing Body Wrap at home"

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best homemade body wrap recipes that you can easily do at home for awesome results with cellulite, inches loss, detox and smooth skin. #bodywraps #recipes #natural

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Hollywood body wraps to lose inches are all the craze. But did you know you can make a body wrap at home for a fraction of the cost? What??????

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See more here ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4EeD7km56k Tags: home remedies…

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How to Clean Between Glass Oven Doors ~ Remove the oven drawer, wrap one end of a THIN LONG branch in a paper towel, secure with duct tape, dip in Windex and squeeze out excess liquid, lie on the floor on your back, insert the stick up through the BOTTOM of the oven door between the 2 glass panes, and wipe in a windshield wiper motion until the spill is GONE! Whew!

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Paper Mart Packaging Store supplies bags, boxes, containers, ribbons, ties, cushioning, paper, fills, plastic, films, wrap, strapping, shipping material, tape, fabric

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