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Body Wraps

4 hours ago

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DIY Body Wrap - Tone, tighten, and firm in 45 minutes. Works amazing for cellulite control and spot treatments.

Diary of a Fit Mommy: DIY Body Wrap Recipe. Don't spend $100 on a body wrap when you can do it yourself!

  • Liz Little

    The Saran Wrap ones are sweat ones! But the It Works ones are not! You are NOT supposed to sweat while using them. Ruins the results. They detox you. Not water weight. Supposed to drink TONS of water before, while you are wrapped and after. They are pretty awesome! And results last 4-6 months depending on the person ☺️

  • Jaime Fioretti

    This is nothing more than a sweat based wrap. There fore, not permanent results. Fine for a night out maybe, if you don want to drink anything during that night.

  • Vanessa Burton

    I like these DIY wraps. Cheaper and easier. I've tried other wraps that were expensive and broke me out. Every person is different. I'll stick to my at home stuff!

  • Liz Little

    Everyone is different! All my clients have been impressed. Pictures to prove it! Saran Wrap also causes many to get a rash as well.

  • Lisa Miller

    Tried the ITWORKS Wrap for 2 weeks and then I tried saran wrap for 2 weeks......sorry but ITWORKS didn't work. only lost 1.5 inches and with saran wrap 2.25! I am a figure competitor and I am sticking with old school.

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DIY body wrap on with supplies you already have at home ...lose up to 1-2 inches overnight! Great way to slim up before a lake trip or party!

Body wrap ingredients , coffee, lotion, plastic wrap, and ace wraps keep It on for 6 hours and pooof your bellies slimmer!

  • Jacinta Biggs

    What's the directions for this wrap? I clicked on the link and it would not pull up.

  • Melisa Corn

    I used Dead Sea salt water...and the cling wrap and bandages, be warned ur gonna start itching, ull be okay if ur going to sleep, but don't move around or ull give in and try and take it off.

  • Melisa Corn

    I tried it does work!!! I lost 2inches. People that say it doesn't work are doing it wrong....or ur just to skinny to start with.

  • Suzzy Wible

    ****OR***** You can buy an It Works skinny wrap for the same price and without the hassle! Shrinkitwithsuzzy.myitworks...

  • Katie Hunter

    This makes a HUGE mess! Be warned...

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DIY Body Wrap {Hello Summer} I Heart Nap Time | I Heart Nap Time - Easy recipes, DIY crafts, Homemaker

  • R B

    Hahahahaha omg this is not physically possible. Sketchy advice and deceptive photography!

  • Jeni Turner

    The wraps do not make you lose just water weight**

  • Jeni Turner

    I sell these products, and stand behind them whole-heartedly. To the lady above who commented that the wraps make you lose water weight, that's crap. Lol while doing the wrap, you are supposed to consume as much water as possible to assist in releasing the toxins the wrap breaks up. So no, the wraps do not make you just lose body weight.

  • Valerie

    Yea right lol

  • Amanda Christenhusz

    This is so bogus. In the first picture, the girl is sticking her stomach out, and in the second, she's sucking it in. There isn't any way to tell whether this actually worked or not.

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I'm so trying this! Use Fat Girl Slim or any lotion with green tea/caffeine, mint; wrap it with saran wrap, wrap that with ace bandages, go nuh-night and wake up with badass results!! (PS: I wrote this myself - lin)

  • Sleeping Beauty

    It's actually to sweat water off your hips to look like u lost weight it a day fix for a measurement or to fit in something

  • Abby B.

    you get skinny with a wrap??

  • Cortney Harp

    Good luck with that

  • Sleeping Beauty

    I did this with preparation H instead of lotion and it worked it's what my recruiter had me do

DIY Slimming Body Wrap Recipe: Green Tea, Coconut and Vitamin E. Salt Scrub

DIY Body Wrap. Who knows- maybe I'll try. Have the stuff laying around the house anyway.

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The best part of a relationship...about them listening to you talk for hours and hours and hours, about stupid shit that doesn't matter.

Pinning this, I just found this and GOT TO TRY IT! How to drop a dress size in 20 minutes :) -- Your Welcome.

  • Glorianne Wessels

    I had paid a salon $$ to get this done, years ago. We are trying this tonight, I've been working on looking better and not I have a flabby skin belly and need a boost to shrink some skin. Will let you know how it goes.

  • Just With The Truth

    Any news on this..?

  • Lea Arcoleo-Maio

    I just did it and the results were awesome!

  • Lily Garay-Rubio

    Kaitlyn Marie prachnau if you read her comments she explains a lot about how it works.. It almost seems I'll give it a try one of this days and let you gals know how out goes..

  • Kaitlyn Prachnau

    I doubt this actually works ???? Do people really believe everything they see????? What has society come to ?????

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DIY Body Wrap {Hello Summer} I Heart Nap Time | I Heart Nap Time - How to Crafts, Tutorials, DIY, Homemaker

diy body wraps- okay, this really works! I lost 1/2 an inch in 1/2 an hour!

How to Make a Detox Body Wrap Naturally- in 7 steps.

  • Heather Olson

    Well said! It Works! doesn't work at all. This diy one actually does!

  • Yuan Xilu

    Why should I buy a super expensive product which doesn't even informs me about the ingredient they used? "all natural" is a big definitian, plastic once was natural too. It doesn't tells me if its biological, and enviroment friendly. Besides it still hast to have soeme kind of chemicals inside, else it would only stay fresh about two weaaks and thats why people go all natural! and do it themself. I hope people pining it stick with the D.I.Y version money well spend ♥

DIY Body Wrap And Lose Inches Just Like That!

DIY Slimming Body Wrap 7 - Cayenne Edition

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Homemade Body Wraps To Reduce Cellulite. Used the coffee & olive oil wrap. Let's see what doing this biweekly for a month will do =)

Lol….this is also used before body building comp. and models do this too! lol At home bodywrap. Lose inches in an hour. Mix vitamin E oil and farewell cellulite and rub where u wanna lose inches. Wrap tight with plastic wrap. Wrap up in warm blankets and sit for one hour. You will sweat and release toxins. Drink lots of water after…. might have to try this! | REPINNED

DIY Body Wraps Recipe; what you will need: Vitamin E oil Sea Salt or Freshly Ground Coffee Beans,Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter, and Saran Wrap

DIY - Apple cider vinegar slimming body wrap

“DIY Slimming Body Wrap” Read more about DIY Slimming Body Wrap | The Skinniest You on: theskinniestyou.c...

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Body Wrap Recipe: Things You'll Need 1 cup bentonite or green clay 1/4 cup sea salt 2 tbsp. olive oil

DIY Slimming Body Wrap - Mix together some lotion with some ground cinnamon, apply and wrap. Leave on for 6 hours and the inches melt away.

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DIY body wrap. Replace the sephora lotion with any firming lotion. Less than $15!

DIY Slimming Body Wrap 9 - Apple Cider Vinegar Edition

  • Jacinta Biggs

    What's the directions for this wrap? The link will not pull up. Do it work?

  • Andrea Jordan

    They make it sound like you're just tucking it all away not actually reducing anything

  • Virginia J

    Or you could TRY It Works! Crazy Wraps! Healthy, all natural ingredients and less mess. Tighten, tone and firm in 45 minutes. Reduce the appearance of cellulite. It Works! has been in business for 13 years AND they really work!!!

DIY Slimming Body Wrap 4 | The Skinniest You