Bohemian Grove, has long been the location where the most powerful men in the world come to meet for seventeen days each year. Their words and secrets hidden within the remote “sacred grove” of the ancient redwood forest, California.

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Right... Perfectly normal, where the elite powers that be meet right here in Sonoma county for a 3 week retreat every year.

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EVERY July, US Presidents, World Leaders, Corp. Heads and Other 'Heads' of State, Attend The 'Bohemian Grove'

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Jesuit Order's Bohemian Grove Worshippers of Satan, 1927 (freaks me out to even post it)

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Bohemian Grove - take a moment to look up and watch Alex Jones infiltration of Bohemian Grove. Where prominent members of our society come together to praise their God, Molech and sacrifice a child. The ceremony is called "The Cremation of Care" and when this ceremony was exposed the elite said the sacrifice was "fake." Well what I have to say about that is, why would you even need a FAKE sacrifice?" Sick people are running our world, isn't it obvious!?!?

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Bohemian Grove Roster Sent Anonymously to Infowars

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