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Bon Appetit Translate

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So what does Smacznego mean? The direct translation is "tasty" but it also means wishing your guest a "tasty meal".

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Throwback to a Time When We Ate Macaroni Melon Bowls

Macaroni Melon Bowl. "Along with the vital and imaginative role of women in politics comes a welcome change in imaginative luncheon fare." Translation: Progressive women eat Macaroni Melon Bowls. (Bon Appetit, 1968)

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bon appetit. What Is Hygge and Why Is It Invading Our Kitchens? Hygge, if you haven’t heard of it yet, is the Danish concept of sublime coziness. It’s so very Nordic that every explanation notes it’s actually impossible to accurately translate hygge into English. We have to learn to say it and we have to learn to live it, because hygge is coming to America after sending the U.K. into a documented cozy-fervor.