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Refrence Guide to James Bond Movies - Celebrity Style Guide &...

In this detailed reference guide we have listed all twenty-four James Bond films in order from the orignal Bond Sean Connery to Modern Daniel Craig. We have listed every Bond flick with the relevant details including movie leading cast, director, producer, and plot.

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I created a view order based on when each 007 film is happening. (Ex: In Casino Royale Molokko received his text un July 6th 2006. Casino Royale takes places in July. You Only Live Twice starts with James Bond assassination. His obituary is dated july 9th. So it’s after Carino Royale) Whenever a date, a celebration of some sort or any info on the moment when the film is supposed to take place. Although in some cases the information might come from supplemental material.

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Can You Put The Bond Films In The Right Order?

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Irish actor Pierce Brosnan as 007 in the James Bond film 'The World Is Not Enough', 1999. Here he poses as a Russian scientist in order to visit a Russian missile base in Kazakhstan. This scene was filmed in Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire.


Irish actor Pierce Brosnan as 007 in the James Bond film 'The World Is Not Enough' 1999 Here he poses as a Russian scientist in order to visit a...

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Fiona Volpe (Luciana Paluzzi)

Fiona Volpe is a operative and the secondary antagonist from the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball. She was played by Italian actress Luciana Paluzzi. A deadly assassin in 's execution branch, she becomes pilot Major François Derval’s mistress in order to steal a Vulcan bomber and its precious cargo of two atomic bombs, which plans to use for a blackmail operation.


Box Office: ‘Spectre’ Needs to Make $650 Million to Break Even

“Spectre” is one of the most expensive movies ever made, and while the 24th film in the James Bond series is off to a sizzling start in parts of Europe, it needs to be a massive box office hit in order to turn a profit. With a price tag of $250 million, plus more than... Read more »