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Juniper Bonsai Make some Gin from the berry's...haha.I really love the look of Bonsai trees.Please check out my website thanks.


.Next, wrap rubber strips tightly around the trunk at the top, to prevent it from swelling and ruining the form. Many new shoots may attempt to grow from where you cut; rub off all but a half-dozen of them. As the shoots grow, pinch their tips to promote branching. This broom style is especially suited to the growth habits of deciduous trees like elm and sycamore.


The oldest known bonsai trees still living can be found in a private restaurant garden in Tokyo. The 400 to 800 years old trees in Happo-en Garden are an attraction for any bonsai lover. Every tree is grown in era-specific pots that are often as valuable as the trees themselves. The practice of potted trees dates back to the Egyptian Era, 4000 B.C.


Crassula Bonsai - make a charming tiny tree from your Jade Plant

Gorgeous Crassula bonsai forest and other techniques for creating a bonsai Jade plant