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Herons Bonsai Where To Buy A Bonsai Tree Most people buy their first bonsai tree because they think it is attractive or will suit their decor. But this is not a good basis on which to make a choice. If you are a beginner, you should select a species that is easy to keep and that is appropriate for the conditions you are able to offer. The best place to buy a bonsai and bonsai accessories is a specialist bonsai nursery.


This Acer Buergerainum has been growing since approximately 1930 and stands over 1Mtr tall and 70cm wide, takes 2 people to carry it, and 3 to put it on the show stand. This tree can be seen at many of the shows we attend during the year. Bonsai Trees Southampton, U.K based Bonsai Nursery

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Baby Jade Bonsai

Baby Jade has always been a favourite with beginners, just the amazing response one gets when wiring, so much easy to train. As above one can see, that within a short course of 2-3 years, one can h...


This vertical Bonsai backyard is created by a plain and natural wall to which several platforms are attached. Arboretum, Washington DC