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Book Hospital

from Learning In Wonderland

Library Essential - Book Hospital

No more interruptions from children needing books taped up! Create your own Book Hospital: A place for students to place all damaged books.


Cute little book hospital. These book hospital labels have an owl theme.I attached these labels to a file tote with a lid. As students come across a broken book, they place it into the book hospital. Once a month a parent volunteer comes in to fix the books.


I'm making two bins that I've never had before. A book hospital for when students find books in need of repair. I'll also be making a lost and found bin for those little misplaced items that always appear in the room. :)


20 Classroom Management Strategies You Can Start Right Away - Click to get this FREE I'm Lost! label to label a bucket where lost classroom pieces can go instead of in your pocket or on your desk!


FREE Book Hospital and Book Return signs. I've done this for years... Got the idea from my mom's "Barbie doll hospital" when I was a kid.