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Booking agent

11 Steps to Finding the Agent Who’ll Love Your Book

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Books to Read if You Love Marvel’s Agent Carter

When her brother goes missing in battle, Juliet Dufresne lies about her age so that she can enlist as a nurse and search for him. As she works at a field hospital in Italy, befriending patients and staff alike, she discovers an assured sense of self.

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How To Land a Literary Agent and Get Your Book Published

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I don't remember this scene, so I don't know if she had a good reason for this... But, just wanted to quickly note that girls should NOT hit boys unless you have a really good reason. Seriously. Carry on.

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Literary Agents: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know To Get One

How To Get A Literary Agent: A Step-By-Step Guide To Finding Representation For Your Novel Or Nonfiction Book

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7 reasons a travel agent will always beat Internet booking on your own -- and both are free services!

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