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Belem | Trois-mâts barque construit à Nantes par les Chantiers Dubigeon en 1896 | A retrouver dans notre hors-série consacré aux Bateaux du patrimoine :

Detroit, Olympia Stadium, April 6, 1972 (© S Shaver) “He didn’t have to sing, you know. All the crowd needed was to see him—jet black hair tossed carelessly, white boots spotlessly tapping time with the 20-piece band, heavy browed bedroom eyes sneaking glances at the house … When Elvis left, the crowd did also, quietly. “None of the usual stamping, clapping stuff,” noted Weisman. “After all, Elvis is royalty, and you never ask a king to take an encore.” J Weisman’s Detroit Free Press review


Lululemon workout pants Nice pair of black lululemon workout yoga pants. They have some piling going on and lint that is stuck to it. You need a lint roller and a piling shaver and they will look great. There are no holes and no stains. lululemon athletica Pants Boot Cut & Flare

Toddlers Size 6 Ugg Australia Dove Boots - VGUC I bought these for my niece and she only wore them a handful of times (her mom was afraid she would "ruin" them) and they have been in storage the past year. They are an infant/toddler size 6 and zip up the side so you can slip them on without fuss. They are in VGUC and have traction on the bottom for wobbly walkers. Style is the Dove and there is some minor wear pilling on the knit but a quick shaver can take care of that. ☺️ 🚫trades…


Norelco 6300 Shaver Bundle with Case & Replacement Head

The smooth shaving design of this Philips Norelco Shaver 6300 bundle makes sure you always put your best face forward.