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Borat Not

Borat just wants to know if F1 driver Lewis Hamilton is a Chocolate Face or not? Watch the video #borat


"Why so serious?", "Why not?" würde wohl Borat antworten. Dieses Joker Kostüm lässt dich in einen der faszinierendsten Fieslinge der Filmgeschichte schlüpfe

Kazakhstan – Welcome to Borat Country - - Lets get this out of the way, yes we are going to the “Borat” country. Sadly, but that is how most Westerners perceive Kazakhstan. Even before visiting the country, i’ve always consider the movie more of a parody than an actual documentary. I personally believe it poked just as much fun, if not more, at […] #overland #overlanding #ad

I have never laughed harder, nor desperately gasped for air more in my life, but when watching this movie. There are moments so funny you aren't sure if you're going to pass out or not. This movie is exceedingly crude on the surface (banned in many countries) - but the character Borat, through his journey, brings to focus an uncensored look at prejudice, phobic and contemporary cultural insanities. This movie is unequivocally as intelligent as it is funny.