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AN INTACT DAMASCUS POTTERY BORDER TILE OTTOMAN SYRIA, CIRCA 1560-1600 Of rectangular form, the blue and green painted decoration with interlocking and scrolling floral tendrils on white ground, minor repainted along the edges, otherwise intact.


FLORAL SCROLLING BORDER TILE - Turkey (Iznik), circa 1575 - A finely painted polychrome under-glazed tile in colours of cobalt blue, emerald green and raised sealing wax red against a crisp white ground.


4" Mosaic Border Tile Wall Floor Bath Home Decor Tiles by Mozaico. $32.00. Uses and display locations are unlimited!. Mesh backing. All natural stones. Completely hand-made. Design can be customized as to size and / or colors. Mosaics have endless uses and infinite possibilities! They can be used indoors or outdoors, be part of your kitchen, decorate your bathroom and the bottom of your pools, cover walls and ceilings, or serve as frames for mirrors and paintings.