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Cockroach balls made with boric acid. Don't put in places accessible to children or pets. Ingredients: 200g of boric acid; 1 medium onion (You can use onion flakes but they’re not as good); 1 cup of flour; 1/4 tsp of salt; About 100ml of milk.


Want to remove aphids from a distance? Brew a strong tea from citrus peels. Cool and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray infested plants. Won't harm your plant but will burn the aphids Ants raise aphids so to get rid of aphids, you have to get rid of ants. Dousing ant hills with white vinegar a few times should do the trick. Keep ants away from humingbird feeders by coating the wire or chain holding it with petroleum jelly.


Boric Acid! I swear by this stuff from anything to pink eye and yeast infections to killing ants and roaches! She also got my attention when she told me it will keep the mice population under control. #dazehub


ANT KILLER. 3c water, 3tbs boric acid, 1tbs sugar.. Put in little containers where the ants are. The ants swarm this stuff and take it back to their nests. All the ants die and they don't come back!


Control Nuisance Ants - Bait them with Boric Acid

Organic Ant Control -- This is a LOW COST method to get rid of ANTS once and for all. -- Instructions: One Cup Sugar, THREE Tablespoons Boric Acid or Borax Laundry Soap, THREE Cups of Warm Water


Boric Acid Ant Poison Recipe

Boric Acid Ant Poison Recipe | - Trying this now... No success with cornmeal (southern ants), coffee (hyper ants), vinegar spray (clean ants), or ant spray (bionic ants?). This is kinda a last ditch effort to keep my sanity.


Hot Shot MaxAttrax Roach Killing Powder with Boric Acid. I was told this product works great to get rid of ants, a problem I am fighting right now. Try.

Got Ants? A Natural Solution

ANTS? Soak cotton balls in solution made of 1 teaspoon boric acid & 6 tablespoons sugar dissolved in 2 cups water. Punch holes in the plastic containers w/lids. Put cotton balls in & cover them so bait doesn't dry out. Place on ant trails inside & outside. Be patient!


Kill Ants without Pesticides

Awesome pin! However the information on here about Boric acid is incorrect. Boric acid is HIGHLY toxic and should be avoided in the house as much as possible, especially in the kitchen.