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Boris Johnson Tackle

Boris Johnson announces support for national HIV campaign

Boris Johnson to tackle crime as alter-ego ‘The Blond Buffoon’

Boris Johnson: We should celebrate Pride in London but be aware there is more to be done

from the Guardian

Boris Johnson’s ugly soul is visible through an unlikely window: rugby

A combination of four images show Boris Johnson tackle and take down the schoolboy while playing rugby


Boris Johnson urges world leaders to work together to tackle climate change at UN summit in Paris | London Evening Standard #COP21

Boris Johnson's special tackle #borisjohnson

Rugby can be vicious. London Mayor, Boris Johnson, a man aged in his 50s who weighs over 115kg, knocks down Toki Sekiguchi, a 10 year old Japanese schoolboy, during a "friendly" in Tokyo, October 2015.

Boris Johnson today called anti-homeless spikes in London to be removed as soon as possible, describing them as "ugly, self defeating & stup...


WATCH: Politicians Usually Kiss Kids, London's Boris Johnson Tackles 'Em -

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, flattens a 10-year-old Japanese schoolboy who tried to tackle him during a Rugby game in Tokyo, October 2015