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Half-an-hour non-surgical face-lift and face rejuvenation. Restoration of volume loss in the cheeks with Voluma and puffiness under the eyes with Restylane, treatment of wrinkles on forehead with Botox. All injected by experienced MD. Total treatment cost: $2500-$4000 Procedure length: 30-60 min Pain and discomfort: None to minimal Down-time: None Results typically last upto 2 years for fillers and upto 6 months for Botox Call us at 949-266-7346 to schedule complimentary consultation…

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Want to know the cost of Botox injections? The cost of Botox is 10 dollars per Unit. Check out how much units requires for your treatment?

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Botox and Dysport are extremely popular non-surgical plastic procedures amongst people of all ages these days. As we get older, our skin undergoes a lot of changes that result in increased lines and wrinkles. Botox & Dysport Injections temporarily block signals that cause muscles to contract. And that results in fewer noticeable lines and wrinkles and give you a more youthful appearance. #infographics

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BeautyMed Cyprus is managed by doctors who are experienced in cosmetic medicine and anti-ageing treatments. They are supported by a staff of qualified and experienced technicians, nurses and therapists who provide a wide range of treatments to clients.

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For many, the first appearance of frown lines is a real worry. And of course, when we worry, we frown – compounding the problem once more. A make-up re-strategy can make-do for a while, but eventually there comes a time when further treatment becomes a serious consideration.

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Simple Do’s and Don’ts of Botox Treatment

Botox is popular drug known for its anti-ageing effects and treating medical conditions. The simple do’s and don’ts of botox treatment can give effective results.

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Wrinkles usually appear on the face, neck area, hands, and forearms and occur as part of natural aging process. Wrinkles are formed due to the collagen and elastin tissue that become weak in the skin. The other causes for wrinkles include smoking, exposure to sunlight, stress, genetic factors, sudden weight loss etc. Pineapple: Pineapple is …

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heart 30 - Would you like to see results quickly for your Botox treatments? Contact Dr. Scott’s office to schedule your Botox treatment appointment today at (704) 282-9355 (WELL)

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