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Bottle Bong

How Not To Shotgun A Beer What a waste.

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M8870 Metal Body Sawed Off Pump Action Shotgun Airsoft Gun by AirSoft. Save 20 Off!. $79.50. Double Eagle Spring Metal Sawed Off M3000 Shotgun FPS-490 Faux Wood Airsoft Gun Every Shotgun lover has to have this Spring Metal Sawed Off M3000 Shotgun. A Sawed off shotgun means the barrel has been shortened and the stock has been removed which makes it more compact, perfect for any situations. Shooting at 490 FPS with a 0.12g BB, you'll be able to hit targets further than your opponents. The full…


Funny gun sign: Epiphany - The realization that you broke into the wrong house.

Shotgun Magazine Tube Extension Kit - 2-round Fits Beretta -

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Your body was meant to sit in the passenger seat of my car and your hand was meant to hold mine while I drive! ...

Griffin & Howe - Gun Details Page Remington - 1894 - DE Grade - 16 ga - $22,500.00 One of Big Green's finest doubles back in the 1890's. -


AR 15 Sling, Shotgun Sling or Rifle Sling by STI- 1 Point 2 Point - 2 Tactical Slings in 1 - Speedloop Sling Adjust and Quick Switch Hardware - 1.25 Inch Wide Webbing - Fits All AR 15 sling, M4 Sling, AK 47 sling applications - Ambidextrous - Perfect Sling for Shotgun, Carbine, Long Gun or Sporting Rifle. For more information about AR 15 sling, Rifle Sling, tactical sling, please go to