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Basil Hayden's Bourbon Review

Finally had the chance to review a long-time favorite bourbon of mine - Basil Hayden's Bourbon.


Chart: The Family Tree of Bourbon Whiskey

The Bourbon Family Tree (via GQ): Kentuckians like to tell you that 95 percent of the world's bourbon comes from their state. What they won't tell you is that pretty much every last drop of that bourbon comes from a handful of conglomerate distilleries. Chart excerpted from The Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining.


27 mars, journée nationale du wiskey - in 2014 May is Whisky Month in Scotland @C.H. Luke @Ryan James @Zane Luekenga ....But not all of this is Scotch...


Eagle Rare bourbon 90 proof. Rare was originally a 101-proof ten-year old Kentucky Eagle Rare was among the last new bourbon brands introduced prior to the current era of 'small-batch bourbons'. The Sazerac Company, an American family owned producer and importer based in New Orleans Buffalo Trace Distillery. 6/7/14 having my first sip at the Peabody in Memphis. It is charred oak barrel with a sweet taste and a little burn the first sip then mellows out.


Aged for an average of 7.5 years, this bourbon earned a score of 96 points from Tasting Panel Magazine.


6 Bourbon Brands For the Beginning Bourbon Drinker

Buffalo Trace Bourbon was founded in 1869 in Frankfort, Kentucky. Find out more about this bartender favorite.

The Bulleit family of bourbon/whiskey. One of the finest. Proof that price and quality are different things entirely.