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Using a string jig to build a Flemish Twist Bow String


Use letter beads on a string use their name, or "happy bday"/whatever celebration they're celebrating

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How to Make a Bowstring

Making the bowstring is certainly one of the easiest parts of making your own bow. Though there are a few different techniques used to make a bow string, the most common is referred to as the continuous loop bowstring. This continuous loop bowstring is a good choice for either recurve or compound bows.

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These 26 Adorable Projects Will Totally Change The Way You Look At Buttons!


Step-by-Step on these lovely decorations, perfect for a boutique and at home…

Step-by-Step on these lovely decorations, perfect for a boutique and at home…

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Bcy 452x custom compound bow string & cable package

Full set of custom made bcy 452X Compound Bow Strings and cables for your bow. Don't forget to give us the Bow Make, Model and Year. Also, the String Length , Cable 1 Length and Cable 2 Length.


pom-pom wreath // jans sister...The site is in Dutch or something, but it has a lot of cool inspiration for wreaths.

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DIY Wrapping for Christmas

DIY Wrapping for Christmas- gorgeous and simple ideas you can do #giftwrap #wrapping #bow

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10 cool wedding ideas for the summer

DIY MOTHER’S DAY BOUQUET. You Need: Flowers, Kraft paper, Baker’s twine or string, Gift tags, Ziploc bags, Paper towels, Scissors, Clear tape. Roll a sheet of Kraft paper into a cone shape. Wrap Kraft paper cone with twine. Add gift tag to one end of the twine. Tie ends together to make a bow. Prep flowers by cutting them down to the proper size. Wet a sheet of paper towel, wrap it around the end of the flower, and place it into a Ziploc bag. Repeat with each flower.