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Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (1900 - 2002). Wife of George VI. Queen from 1936 - 1952. Mother of Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret. Adolf Hitler called the most dangerous woman in Europe because of her ability to boost British morale. She was always extremely popular, even when the rest of the royal family were disliked by the public. She died aged 101 in 2002.

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Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon in 1905. Lady Elizabeth would later become Princess of York, Queen Elizabeth and The Queen Mother.

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Queen Mum, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Because we know her future, you can see the grace and empathy in this little girl.

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margaretroses: “Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon photographed with her spaniel, Peter in 1907. ”

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20th July 1923, Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, portrait shortly before she married the Duke of York, The Duchess of York (1900-2002) was to become Queen Consort to King George VI from 1936-1952 and in her later years became the ever popular Queen Mother

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A great picture of a young Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Future wife and Queen of King George VI parents to Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret.

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In 1936, her husband unexpectedly became King when his brother, Edward VIII, abdicated. As Queen, Elizabeth accompanied her husband on diplomatic tours to France and North America before the start of World War II. During the war, her seemingly indomitable spirit provided moral support to the British public. In recognition of her role as an asset to British interests, After the war, her husband's health deteriorated and she was widowed at the age of 51.

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The marriage of Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons (Later the Queen Mother) to the Duke of York (Later King George VI) at Westminster Abbey in London, on 26th April, 1923. It was the first royal wedding at the Abbey since 1383. The newly formed British Broadcasting Company wanted to record and broadcast the event on radio, but the Abbey Chapter vetoed the idea.

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