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Grave Marker- John Wilkes Booth, assassin, is shot dead near Bowling Green VA The body was buried in a storage room at the Old Penitentiary, later moved to a warehouse at the Washington Arsenal on Oct. 1, 1867. In 1869, the remains were again identified before being released to the Booth family, where they were buried in the family plot at Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, after a burial ceremony.


Bowling Green, VA - Siberian Husky. Meet Mary Lou, a dog for adoption.

- Mulberry Place, Tanyard Swamp vicinity, Bowling Green, Caroline County, VA

Tooth Arrival Chart. Use this chart to identify the number and location of teeth at a give age. Baby teeth are shaded in blue and permanent teeth are shown in white.


Salvador Dalí in front of the Hampton Manor, Bowling Green, VA, 1941 The private home of Caresse Crosby ...