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What do box turtles eat?

Rep-Cal Box Turtle Food Maintenance Formula is formulated to ensure proper growth and health by providing complete and balanced nutrition. It is a veterinarian recommended food full of nutritious ingredients box turtles love and provides the 100% complete

STOP HITTING TURTLES...It takes a turtle seven or eight years to become mature enough to reproduce, and in that time, it might make several trips across the road to get from one pond to another, looking for food or a place to lay eggs. A female turtle that lives 50 years might lay over 100 eggs, but just two or three are likely to survive to reproduce.

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In my backyard on Saturday past! Picture of a Florida Box Turtle, Terrapene carolina carolina. The Florida Box Turtle is not only distinct in its appearance from the other eastern box turtles, but is also basically endemic to Florida! A small to medium sized turtle, the Florida Box Turtle is one of the well known subspecies of eastern box turtle.

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The State Reptile On June 21, 2007, the three-toed box turtle (Terrapene carolina triunguis) became the official state reptile. Most Missourians are familiar with this land-dwelling turtle. Three-toed box turtles, as their name implies, typically have three hind toes. The hinged bottom shell allows the turtle to retreat inside as if enclosed in a box. Males have red eyes and females have brown eyes.

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