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Boxer Dog Boxers are also funny, rambunctious, and nosy and when the dog is lonely, they are good at entertaining themselves. Boxers are also loyal and affectionate and are known to bond perfectly well with other family members. However, when they are around young children they can be daunting. They should therefore never be left alone with children, unless you have trained them how to behave around young children. - See more at…


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"Since I graduated from veterinary school in 1965, I've noticed a general deterioration in pet health. We now see very young animals with diseases that we used to see only in older animals. Without the perspective of several decades, vets just coming out of veterinary school think these degenerative conditions in younger animals are "normal." They do not realize what has happened over the passage of time. Dr. Richard Pitcairn D.V.M


LAST EMAIL OCT 21 PRESUMED Dead>NAME: Mayham ANIMAL ID: 33691055 BREED: Boxer SEX: male EST. AGE: 3 yr Est Weight: 51 lbs Health: Heartworm pos Temperament: dog friendly, people friendly. ADDITIONAL INFO: RESCUE PULL FEE: $35 Intake date: 10/8 Available: 10/15

NAME: Lady ANIMAL ID: 33776258 BREED: Boxer mix SEX: female(spayed) EST. AGE: 8 wks Est Weight: 7.2 lbs Health: BAR, ambulatory X4 bu tlimping right hind. Healing abrasions on lateral aspect of stifle and paw. Radiographs reveal no fractures. Temperament: dog friendly, people friendly ADDITIONAL INFO: RESCUE PULL FEE: Sponsored Intake date: 10/19 Available: Now


LAST EMAIL 10/28 PRESUMED DEAD>NAME: Bobbie ANIMAL ID: 33600137 BREED: boxer mix SEX: female EST. AGE: 6 yr Est Weight: 41 lbs Health: Heartworm pos, Hematoma repaired in the clinic Temperament: dog friendly, people friendly ADDITIONAL INFO: RESCUE PULL FEE: $35 Intake date: 9/28 Available: Now