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Boxing Day Stew

Mary Berry's Christmas crowd pleasers! Boxing day beef bourguignon

To round off our recipe cards giveaway, Bake Off’s Mary Berry dishes up five traditional favourites for the party season


Boxing Day soup

Boxing Day soup. Use up your leftover Christmas Day vegetables in this comforting winter soup.


Slow cooker beef curry

Slow cooker beef curry Use your slow cooker for this simple beef curry - it’s full of flavour and guarantees meltingly tender beef. Serve with rice and naan bread.


17 Turkey Recipes To Bookmark For Boxing Day

Chile Verde and White Bean Soup | 17 Turkey Recipes To Bookmark For Boxing Day

Crock Pot Vegetarian White Bean Soup recipe - full of flavor and so tasty. This simple open and dump clean eating vegan soup and simmers all day in the slow cooker. Carrots and spring onions make this dish vibrant for any month of the year! Simple, healthy and easy-- perfect for dinners or lunches. Uses vegetable stock and is vegan & dairy free. / Running in a Skirt


Clean Eating Boxing Day Soup (Leftovers Soup) | The Kitchen Shed

Albondigas - Spanish Meatballs – Make these classic Mexican meatballs at home with this recipe and serve them up as appetizers, the main course with a spicy red sauce, or in soup. It's a traditional Mexican comfort food with Spanish roots and they're incredibly tasty.


‘One tray’ Lamb Boulangere, a delicious recipe from the new Cook with M&S app.