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Boxwood Plant Food – Learn About Boxwood Fertilizer Requirements

Fertilizer For Boxwood Shrubs: Tips On Fertilizing Boxwoods - Healthy boxwood plants have lush green leaves, but to keep your shrubs looking their best, you may need to offer them boxwood plant food. For more information on appropriate fertilizer for boxwood shrubs, click this article.


Commercial Silk Int'l is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of outdoor artificial plants, such as our artificial Boxwood Bush. Our artificial outdoor Boxwood plants are UV inhibited, and are available for commercial landscape projects outside.

Artificial Boxwood plant by Commercial Silk Int'l is made for both indoor and outdoor commercial applications. Boxwood bushes and plants are hand crafted from fire retardant and UV resistant artificial foliage.

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Types of Boxwood Plants

Not every shrub was meant to be Prince Hamlet. To borrow from poet T.S. Eliot, boxwood (Buxus spp.) is more an attendant lord, a broadleaf evergreen shrub gardeners use for structure and texture instead of star power. Boxwood plants are deer-resistant, drought-tolerant and accept pruning without complaint, making these green gems garden workhorses....