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Boyfriend Application

The Official Boyfriend Application... Amazing.maybe for my kids, or at least laughs

Application for permission to date my daughter. HAHA This is funnier than the one my dad had.

Oh goodness. This is adorable.

This made me ‘LOL’ Anyone remember the boyfriend application on myspace? haha

The funny thing is y parents actucally printed a application like this out and hanged to every guy i ever knew or came to my house. Let's just say i didnt have my first boyfriend until my first semester of my junior year in school. Hamilton & Bond | Fun | Application To Date My Daughter.

Boyfriend application ... Haha! Mom you and dad would like this ;) @Karyn Bonikowsky

Boyfriend Application

When i was in high school my dad literally had copies amongst copies of these filed away, just waiting for the opportunity to use them.

too funny. boyfriend application

Application Form To Date My Daughter (This cracks me up!!!)

Verses to Calm your Heart This time of year is super stressful. Finals are approaching, Christmas and everything that comes with it is bearing down on you, college applications are coming due, friends and boyfriends stress you out, life can get super overwhelming! When I feel like I am under so much stress that I can... Read More at www.chelseacrocke.... Tags: #Bible, #BibleVerses, #CalmYourHeart, #DeStress, #DealWithStre

Boyfriend application

Very needed!

When I break up with a guy, I always spread the word that I'm accepting new boyfriend applications.

Sarcasm! Because beating the hell out of people is illegal!: Official Boyfriend Application--- What Guy Would Complete this? I love it!

Currently Accepting Boyfriend Applications Ummmmmm Jewels Goodwin we need this...

My future boyfriends will all be willing to make sexually suggestive HP jokes. That's going to be on the dating application.

Jim Halpert! (Mental note: Make board called "adorable" so that I can cross reference this.)

Now accepting boyfriend applications! --boyfriend application

Boyfriend Application. Yea I know it's a little late but for future reference this needs to happen

Currently Accepting Boyfriend Applications | Tank Top | Skreened

Another test for the applicants of the position, this will define who will be my new

Currently Accepting Boyfriend Applications