Boyfriend Application

The Official Boyfriend Application... Amazing.maybe for my kids, or at least laughs

Currently Accepting Boyfriend Applications | Tank Top | Skreened

Boyfriend application ... Haha! Mom you and dad would like this ;) Karyn Bonikowsky

too funny. boyfriend application

The funny thing is y parents actucally printed a application like this out and hanged to every guy i ever knew or came to my house. Let's just say i didnt have my first boyfriend until my first semester of my junior year in school. Hamilton & Bond | Fun | Application To Date My Daughter.

Boyfriend application

Application for Permission to Date my Daughter. Someday i will make her prospective boyfriend fill this out. I might even turn one in to the father of the girl God has for me someday! never know, it'd be a good memory =]

so sweet! ♥

This made me ‘LOL’ Anyone remember the boyfriend application on myspace? haha

Boyfriend application haha. This'll come in handy for all zero of my potential partners. ;)

Hahaha I need to start handing this out! :-P

Boyfriend Application. How much easier would it be if we could actually use this?

Application Form To Date My Daughter (This cracks me up!!!)

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Now accepting boyfriend applications!

Who WOULDN'T go out with her after this?? The Ultimate Boyfriend Application

The official boyfriend application

Boyfriend Application, do i get this? can i have this?

Dear 'boyfriend'; Application For Permission To Date My Daughter Note: Please be prepared to submit additional information e.g. psychological profile, DNA samples and admission to polygraph exam. 1. Name:______________________________________ Date of Birth __/__/____ 2.Height: __ft__in. Weight: ___Lbs. I.Q: __ GPA: __ 3.Social Security Number: ___-___-____ Drivers License: State: _______ Number: _____________ 4.Home address____________________ City: _____________ State_____ 5: Boy Scout Rank...

Get this when I start looking again... but they seriously will need an application before I even consider them. :)ev

Ok. I'm now accepting applications for a boyfriend who is: 1) as tall & cute as John Krasinski & 2) as awesome as Jim Halpert

Application for a Disney Date - one day I'll have a boyfriend that will let me use this, and go along with it.

When I break up with a guy, I always spread the word that I'm accepting new boyfriend applications.

Boyfriend Application-Too funny. Reminds me of Shiela's attempt to get someone's attention. (over 20 years ago)

Now Accepting Boyfriend Applications