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Open Call: The Official Boyfriend Application form

The Official Boyfriend Application... Lol But it would probably get changed for permission to date my daughter :)

idk if I'd ask what types of drugs because that's seems a little odd,,, hey but it's sweet other than that

"The boyfriend every girl wants - Relationship true!" I like all of these except one, and that one should have a clause.

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Oh Parents! Dating Application

Boyfriend application



Gentleman's Guide credits to Hplyrikz


It hurts when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were

It hurts

My "perfect boyfriend" list. Although, I must add a, um, few things: must support LGBT rights, have a good job, be financially and mentally stable--dammit!, NOT egotistical but assertive in his beliefs, lives on his own, likes sports, fit and healthy body, willing to try new things, and be packin' it and can work it like a young Rocco Siffredi. :D Long, shoulder-length dark hair is a plus!

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Mark Sloan on

Ugh I need a cuddle buddy ;-; you know what? I shall post a cuddle buddy application!

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24 Suggested Reactions To Catcallers

Hand them a form to fill out: | 24 Suggested Reactions To Catcallers

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Sunday brunch (50 photos)

Love our nights like this.