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Boys Boarding School

There beds were side by side as children. They were inseparable, even when it was unnatural for young girls and boys to be so close.


"guys," Jack said suddenly "I think I'm gonna ask Laurel out." Damon and Andrew turned abruptly to face him, astonished.


(Open rp. Be the best friend? Both guys.) "Micah calm down!" My best friend yells, grabbing onto me to hold me back. I fight to escape his grasp, cursing loudly at the group of boys standing in front of us. We attended a private boarding school, and fighting was not tolerated, but they had picked a fight and I was caught up in the heat of the moment. "What's wrong, can't handle a little fight?" one of the other guys taunt. I break free from my best friend's grip, but he grabs me again…