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Inside-Out Anatomy: The Brain

the brain is the core of both of these systems and the spine is the main freeway for both systems. the nervous system is much faster at responding than the endocrine.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Draw the brain and what occurs in each lobe - NERVOUS SYSTEM BRAIN NEUROANATOMY

This project is a two-day in-class project in which the students will be asked to apply their knowledge of the nervous system in a higher-level fashion by representing what they feel the brain functions are. Included is a resource diagram of the brain, brainstem & cerebellum. Also included is a list of what occurs in each part of the brain.


Central Nervous System: Crash Course A&P #11 by thecrashcourse: Today Hank talks about your central nervous system, how your brain develops, and how important location is for each of your brain’s many functions. Support at:


NEW DOWNLOAD: Make a "Brain Hat" What a fun way to learn about the different parts of the brain and the functions of each part! Includes templates for different 'sizes' (child through adult). Download Club members can download @ www.christianhome...


For many years now been I have been observing the various systems of medicine and their awareness and approach to the Central Nervous System and Brain. Both Alternative and Western conventional medicine have been making great strides towards understanding and helping this incredible system, although it is mostly associated with post trauma effects or long-term degenerative effects.