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Brain teaching

whole brain teaching

3rd Grade Thoughts: whole brain teaching As soon as I saw these, I immediately thought of using them as alternatives to our class' 10-Finger Woo! You can read all about that HERE, but the short of it is that anytime a student volunteers/shares an answer/does something awesome in my class, I'll say, "Let's give so-and-so a 10-Finger Woo!"

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Whole Brain Teaching "Cheat Sheet" Awesome! This is the practice I use in my class, but sometimes I forget to use some of these key concepts.

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If you are just starting out with Whole Brain Teaching or just want some bright and fun signs to adorn your classroom, then this set is just for you! It comes in bright neon colors or zebra print!It includes:* The 5 Classroom rules:1. Follow directions quickly.2.

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This is a FREE product explaining Whole Brain Teaching with complete references and links to the Whole Brain Teaching website as well as links to Youtube videos showing Whole Brain Teaching in action. This is a presentation I am doing with our staff. It also contains Posters to go with Whole Brain Teaching.

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