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Brake Rotors

Handcrafted barstools. Brake rotors, discarded marine chain and pine seats! Great job, honey!


This is one very seriously impressive wall clock. Its made from an ex Red Bull F1 carbon fiber brake rotor (or disc if your from Europe!) and a titanium mounting bell, which Ive then added a very high quality gloss black carbon fiber centre to.

Brake Rotor Bunny. One of the originals. The stainless whiskers stay shiny over the years. One of my wife's favorites.

from Hometalk

Tractor Seat Bouncers...

These are made out of old tractor seats - spring coil off a car - brake drums and brake rotors... They are fun because you cannot sit still while on them. You do have to have access to a welder or have someone weld them for you. He welded the 3 pieces together starting at the bottom working up. He welded the auto spring to the brake drum and then the seat to the spring.