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Kiwi Caipirinha - A twist on a popular Brazilian drink recipe made with kiwi, lime, sugar and Cachaça or rum - the Caipirinha. It's a tropical vacation in a glass.


Raspberry caipirinha

This delicious raspberry caipirinha is like the traditional Brazilian drink but with a twist - fresh muddled raspberries! So refreshing and easy to drink!


Caipirinha Crush

These caipirinha crush's are so easy to make and super refreshing too. It's made with a Brazilian rum called Cachaca which is made from sugar cane, you sweeten it with sugar or agave in this case, and lots of fresh lime juice.  If you love margaritas, I am going to go ahead and say that you will love this drink and it just might...just might...give your margarita a run for it's money.


The Best Caipirinha Recipe - A Taste of Brazil

The Best Caipirinha Recipe - A Taste of Brazil. Had one at the Boathouse Restaurant in Chattanooga and fell in love with this drink!!


Garlic Butter Brazilian Steak

Garlic Butter Brazilian Steak - the juiciest and most tender steak with a golden garlic butter sauce. Takes 15 minutes and dinner is ready |