Dexter Russell Dexter-Russell Curved Bread Knife 9in 12 EA IC5103-9PCP by Dexter Russell. $367.08. Forged Curved 9in Case size: 12

Dexter-Russell 50-9SC 9" Forged Bread Knife - Connoisseur Series by Dexter-Russell. $67.19. The Dexter-Russell 9" Forged Bread Knife - Connoisseur Series (50-9SC) is part of the Connoisseur Series for a reason. The forged blade is the first. Forged blades are blades that are individually pounded out by experienced smiths and metal workers, using quality high-carbon steel and extending the tang of the knife way into the handle for added sturdiness. The serrated edge provides th...

Wusthof 8-in. Classic Bread Knife. by Wusthof. Save 47 Off!. $63.89

Richardson Sheffield Kyu Bread Knife by Richardson Sheffield. $42.50. Japanese style knives. High carbon stainless steel knives. Knives are dishwasher safe. Kyu is the exciting new range of Japanese style knives from Richardson Sheffield UK enjoys unparallel manufacturing expertise. This Kyu Bread Knife from the exciting new range of Japanese style knives from Richardson Sheffield UK enjoys unparallel manufacturing expertise. The lines of the comfortable handle echoes the shape ...

Laguiole Bread Knives - FLATWARE & UTENSILS - TableTop

Haiku Damascus 10.25" Bread Knife by Chroma. $208.95. Slice through thick, crusty bread with ease with the Haiku Damascus 10.25" Bread Knife. Its serrated blade is perfect for cutting through thick crusts, without tearing apart the tender interior of breads.Haiku Damascus Knives feature:VG-10 Stainless Steel construction The layers of the Haiku Damascus knives are made by the folding together of different types of stainless steel that are forge welded until you ha...

Set of 3 10 Curved Bread Knives Black Handle Food Service Knives Commercial -- For more information, visit image link.

V berth mattress - We read in sailboat forums about the Spa Sensations memory foam mattress from Wal-Mart. We got the 8" Spa Sensatins Memory Foam Mattress for $260 (now $199). We measured the dimensions of the v-berth, then drew it on the mattress. He cut the mattress with an electric bread knife which was easy and didn't tear it.

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Berghoff 9 Inch Blade Scalloped Offset Bread Knife by Berghoff Worldwide. $22.00. NSF approved, knife guard included. Anti bacteria and microorganism handle. Soft grip non marking handle. Safe Slip resistant grip pattern design. Made of high quality Chrom-Molybdenum Vanadium 18/10 surgical steel. Berghoff NSF Prosafe Knives are made from high quality Chromium Molybdenum Vanadium carbon stainless ice hardened steel, Easily sharpened yet holding their edge well. A safe, ...

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