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Break cuties

The Funny Thing About Shirts & Ties

Miles Teller - I really liked him in the new FootLoose movie. They picked a good replacement.

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Aww look at those little cuties @Luke Hemmings @Michael Clifford @Calum Hood @Ashton Irwin FOLLOW SPREE TODAY ONLY

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Type 1 diabetes: Gut microbiota networks may influence autoimmune processes

Sad face, it was at this point in my literacy history that I started not to like to write because of what we were being made to write. had we gotten to stay with fiction i would have been happy, but i didnt like essays.

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Xerxes Break ||| Pandora Hearts MY BABY!!!!!! *WAILS* PLEASE LIVE IN THE SERIES FINALE MOCHIJUN IM BEGGING YOU MAKE HIM LIVE. Update: my hopes were in vain

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Gemini - characteristics >> >> >> >>

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Fun facts about your sign here #Taurus #zodiac #astrology × × × ×

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*ME* What about girls u can't forget about girls who like nope LOVe serial Killers!!!!! 1st episode 2nd episode 3rd episode my favorite character dies

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