Breastfeeding my husband

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10 Enraging things my Husband said After I've Breastfeeding my Daughter All Night!!!

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Lactation cookies-made these the other day and they are super yummy! My husband thought they were just regular oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! I made them with chocolate chips, but I am going to tray raisins or craisins and white chocolate chips next!

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There’s something wrong with me. I’ve suspected it before but now I know, fully. I’m okay with it. I think. I mean there’s not much I can do, really, is there? My husband, right now, as we speak, is getting a vasectomy. I cleared it with him before announcing this on the internet. If you’re …

Ok, these aren't the best lactation cookies ever... they are the best COOKIES ever. No joke. Not only did they help me with my supply... but they tasted absolutely DELICIOUS. Even my husband couldn...

Yeah so stop telling me to quit or it's too stressful. I do this because it's best for my family if you are not part of that family keep your comments and criticisms to yourself. -Heidi

"I know that some days it feels like we have a business partnership. And you’re right..."

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