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Breathe Heavy Exhale

Stop scrolling through Instagram and say this mantra while you breath in and out. No really. Do it. Say it again. One more time. ................ I'm officially back from vacation and even though I went to the gym at the hotel I still gained weight (about 4lbs). Two of those are probably water weight. The other two should drop off if I get back to my normal routine. But it's not the weight I'm sad about. It's the doubt in myself that says "oh great Rachel. You're now as heavy as you were…

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Square Breathing - Guided Deep Breathing Exercise For Inner Awareness Instructions: Breathe in on the high note, and out on the low note. Hold breath between inhale and exhale, and between exhale and inhale for equal measure. Goal is to match time of inhale to exhale, and match time between exhale and inhale to time between inhale and exhale. Background theta for best effect. Use with headphones. Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery. For more mind tools, please visit

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How to Fry scream for hard rock vocals

How to Fry Scream "Classically trained singers will tell you that screaming is the worst thing you can ever do to your vocal chords, but if you're into singing/screaming heavy metal or rock then it's necessary to know how to scream with minimal damage. The correct way to scream is a technique called fry screaming, in which you control your vocal exhale using diaphragmatic breathing. Vocal fry is the noise you make when your vocal chords vibrate slowly."


"A deer. He smelled the heavy musk like perfume mingled with blood and the gummed exhalation of the animal's breath, all cardamom and moss and ragweed odor in this huge night where the trees ran at him, pulled away, ran, pulled away, to the pulse of the heart behind his eyes." The deer symbolizes the nature and peace. Seeing a deer in the wilderness for Montag shows him that the nature's power prevails over the technological advances at that time.


dragging around the past negative thoughts sadness gets heavy after awhile. take a deep breath raise your arms up and inhale a stressor in your life. breathe in as deep as you can arms above head with this stressor in your mind. hold your breath hold up those arms as you think about this stressor. then with a big exhale I want you to throw your arms down letting out this breath and this stressor loudly proudly boldly. let the world know you're relieving yourself of this burden. then inhale…


"It wasn't until Olivia exhaled a heavy sigh of relief that she realized she hadn't been breathing." - From Wish by Alexandra Bullen (p. 36, found on Google Books excerpt)

Too much alcohol may cause breathing problems: study WASHINGTON: Excessive alcohol consumption may disrupt the healthy balance in the lungs and impact your breathing a new study has warned. Adults who drink excessively were found to have less nitric oxide in their exhaled breath than adults who do not drink. The finding is significant because nitric oxide helps protect against certain harmful bacteria researchers said. "Alcohol appears to disrupt the healthy balance in the lung" said lead…

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Power your gadgets Hannibal Lecter-style

Insane: The Aire Mask concept straps tiny wind turbines in front of your mouth to turn your heavy breathing into renewable electrical power.


Schmew: *INHAAAAALE*... *exhale*.............. *INHAAAAAAAAAAAAALE*......*exhale*..…………................. .................................................INHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....*dies from inhaling too much...*