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Beautiful reminder that WE hold the key to finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. I’m hiking in the Xtreme Hike (30 miles in one day!) to raise awareness and support for Cystic Fibrosis. To achieve success, the foundation needs funding and that's where YOU come in. Let's show some support and put an end to this disease. Let's give the children a chance at a long, happy life. Please donate today. Be a hero, be a champion, be a supporter!


For some years I've struggled with anxiety. I recently decided that I wouldn't let it run my life. I've discovered that the first step to inner peach is taking a breath. #breathe #ohm #tattoo


I always wanted to get this word somewhere on my body. I'm constantly worrying about some little thing. I need to remember to just slow down and to just breathe.

For the longest time I've always wanted a tattoo but finding for something worthy to be on my body is really difficult. And so gradually I notice that breathing is something that people often take it for granted and underestimate its power. I believe everyone deserves to have a second for themselves and take a deep breath to get through the rest of their day. So I chose this tattoo to remind me that no matter how rough it will be pause for a moment breathe and carry on. by huynguyen203