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(FC: Holland Roden) Hello my little adorable people! I'm Lydia Carter, formerly known as Chaos, constantly known as the life of the party. I was brought here by Gael a short while after leaving Magneto's merry men. I have the ability to make minor alterations to reality. I usually use it to displace--or teleport--myself or other things, or to make physical or mental alterations of living things. Which makes for some awesome pranks. Don't worry, I won't do anything harmful or permanent…


(Closed, Carter) I'd had high expectations with coming to the home of the X-Men... but gosh, was it boring here. I needed some fun, and fast. Luckily, I had an idea... a little harmless pranking would do the trick. I snuck up to Jason's door, and grinned when I realized both my targets were inside... almost too easy.


Paige Emily Desantis (Celadon Status): Piper's best friend. She is also going to work for news journalism, but behind the scenes. Paige and Piper are partners-in-crime, and it only suits that they will be working together for their occupation. They are so close that, if they didn't look like complete opposites, they are more like sisters than friends.