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Brick Acid

Christina says: "I am down 4 pants/skirt/shirt sizes. I am down 2 bra/1 cup size. I am down 4 undies sizes. I am mobile, active, happy, have natural energy, sleep like a brick, lower BP, no longer pre diabetic and so so so much more. If you are TRULY ready to change how you feel.... it's not about weight loss! It's about regulating your blood sugars, helping you sleep better, clearer skin. I don't have acid reflux or pain in my knees and back. I can go on and on."

Azpects | News | EASYCare | Dangers of using brick acid to clean paving, what are the alternatives?

Required tools and materials: utility knives, pen knives, knife angle, lead laugh, rubber brick, acid paper

How to stain concrete yourself... love these stones outside! Definitely need to remember this

from Housekaboodle

Mortar Washed Houses

mortar washed brick

from Patio Productions

How to Stain Concrete

How to Stain Concrete Slabs – Home DIY Projects